Discover the Student Card: Your Passport to Many Advantages

The student card is much more than just a piece of plastic. It is your gateway to a world of benefits, discounts and possibilities. Whether you are a first-year student or about to finish your university course, the student card is an essential tool that you should not underestimate.

Access to University Facilities

One of the primary benefits of the student card is the access it gives you to university facilities. From libraries to computer labs to gyms, your student card allows you entry into these spaces crucial to your academic success.

Transportation Discounts

As a student, every penny counts, and the student card can help you save on your travel. Many transport companies offer reduced fares to students with their valid student card. Whether to take the bus, train or metro, your student card can give you significant discounts.

Reduced Rates on Culture and Leisure

Want to go to the cinema, the museum or a concert? Simply present your student card at the checkout and benefit from reduced rates on a multitude of cultural and leisure activities. It’s a great way to relax and discover new experiences without breaking the bank.

Commercial Offers and Discounts

Many companies offer special offers and discounts exclusive to students. Whether it’s for clothing, food, electronics or travel, your student card can give you access to substantial savings at a variety of stores and services.

Identification and Access to Student Events

Your student ID card is also your primary means of identification on campus. It allows you to register for courses, access university residences and participate in student events. Whether attending a conference, a student gala or an evening organized by an association, your student card is often required at entry.

How to Get Your Student Card

The procedure for obtaining your student card may vary from one institution to another, but in general you will need to provide proof of full-time or part-time registration for the current academic period. Once your student status is confirmed, you will receive your student card, which will often be valid for the entire duration of your studies.


In summary, the student card is much more than a simple identification document. It is a precious key that opens the doors to numerous advantages and opportunities throughout your academic career. Make sure you always have it with you and use it wisely to maximize its benefits.

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